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We do Online & In-Person Estate Sales.  Visit our Upcoming Sales page for more information

Estate Sale Services


Our estate sale team can handle all aspects of liquidating an estate, quickly and efficiently, while being respectful and compassionate.

Having to disperse of a loved ones estate is generally a once-in-a-lifetime event. Even under ideal conditions, it can be very time consuming and the emotional stress can take a heavy toll.

We will help you disperse an estate while keeping your stress levels low.


Downsizing and Decluttering


Helping Hands Estate Services provides a Downsizing service for families who do not have the time, manpower or the ability to manage such a project.


Helping Hands Estate Services has recently added a new service. It is a service for people who need to DeClutter their house, apartment, condo or townhouse. This is a much needed service for families who do not have time, manpower or the ability to manage such a project.

Our Service Includes:

 Initial free consultation

      • We will assess your property and calculate how much time and labor will be needed to get ready and conduct the sale.  You will not have to do anything.

 Sorting, organizing and appraising items for sale at fair market value in a professional manner

      • Family chooses what they want and the remaining items are sorted, cleaned, photographed, cataloged and priced for the sale. We have experienced professional appraisers, who price the items to sell and optimize the results for the client. 

 Conducting your estate sale and yard/garage sale

      • Our sales are promoted by advertising the sale using a variety of multi media – newspapers, e-mail broadcasts to our registered regular customers (over 7,000 on our list), announcement to our subscriber list, telephone calls and street signage.

     Disposing of remaining unsold goods to the charity of your choice

        • We will package unsold items and arrange pickup/delivery of donated items to a variety of charities and arrange for garbage pickup and recycling.

       Arranging a mover to a new location

          • We are happy to arrange packing, arrange a mover, supervise your move and unpack at the final destination.

       Assisting with and organizing a new location